We give you shortcuts. The execution is up to you. 


We run 100 day acceleration programs. When we partner with you, we provide you with a place to work,  access to our global network, daily opportunities and  25,000 Euro funding. In return we ask to hold 5% of your company. Our support doesn't end after the 100 days. Our team, our alumni network and everyone we know are here to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • A place to be inspired by big ideas and courageous people.
    — Anne, Founder of ReDI
  • Awesome team, great network, cool startups, tons of help! Best accelerator in this universe. Wouldn't want to miss it.
    — Alex, Founder of Massagio
  • Great team, network and energy! Thx for all & happy to have you on board!
    — Charlotte, Founder Book a Street Artist