We give you shortcuts. The execution is up to you. 


We run 100 day acceleration programs. When we partner with you, we provide you with a place to work,  access to our global network, daily opportunities and  25,000 Euro funding. In return we ask to hold 5% of your company. Our support doesn't end after the 100 days. Our team, our alumni network and everyone we know are here to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • A place to be inspired by big ideas and courageous people.
    — Anne, Founder of ReDI
  • Awesome team, great network, cool startups, tons of help! Best accelerator in this universe. Wouldn't want to miss it.
    — Alex, Founder of Massagio
  • Great team, network and energy! Thx for all & happy to have you on board!
    — Charlotte, Founder Book a Street Artist

We get you the support you need.

We offer our startups a range of perks and discounts. Some of our main supporters are listed below.

We look at every application carefully.

We do not have a fixed set of requirements. We have invested in many different industries. If we think we can help we will consider you. Before you apply think about the following. From experience we rarely invest in single founders. We believe in teams rather than ideas. We never change our deal. We expect full time commitment from all founders.  We try to keep a good balance between accelerator program and time for operational work. 


When to Apply?

Stay tuned. Program 13 has just started.

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