Artist-In-Residence: APply Now!

Together with EIGEN + ART Lab we would like to offer an artist the opportunity to become artist‐in‐residence for the forthcoming program of startups in our accelerator. We would like to invite the artist to join us from 15th of May 2017 until 9th of August 2017 in Berlin.

How did we come up with the idea for an artist‐in‐residence at Axel Springer Plug and Play:

Simply, a young artist is just like a young business start‐up who has an idea that he believes in.

However, the outcome and its way to get there is very different to what the aims in a business‐ orientated world may be. We still believe that the one side can learn from and nourish from the other. It is definitely a challenge to bring those worlds together but for sure a great experience.

This is what we want to provide at Axel Springer Plug and Play.

What we have to offer:

  • A workspace at the accelerator within the open‐plan space the startups work in
  • €4,000 for the duration of the program
  • Plenty of opportunity to interact with the international start‐ups and soak up the dynamic atmosphere
  • The opportunity to create an exhibition within the accelerator, the penthouse or other areas at the Axel Springer’s property (costs to be carried by artist)

„What really struck me about my experience at Plug & Play was how curious everyone was about my process, and how much I found myself talking about my work‐in‐progress on a daily basis. It was really, really good practice!“ 
— Katie Armstrong, Artist@ Axel Springer Plug and Play in 2013

What we expect from you:

  • Avid interest in the Berlin startup and digital scene
  • The desire to not only work alongside, but share and discuss your process with digital startups and techies

  • Participation in some events and meetings (e.g. every Monday at noon we have a meeting where all start‐ups – and you ‐ report on status and aims for the coming week)
  • Leave something behind. We will tell you what previous artists have done. (Materials to be paid from the €4,000)
  • NO German language knowledge required

How to apply:

Please submit a digital portfolio to Johanna Neuschäffer to lab@eigen‐ We will invite a limited number of artists to meet the accelerator and interview by end of April 2017. (skype interview is also possible)

If you have any further questions, please contact Johanna Neuschäffer via email (lab@eigen‐ or phone +49 30 308 77940

We look forward to your application!