Welcome Program9 - The Boys Are in Town

It was onboarding week last week. The new startups moved in and everyone is very excited about the beginning of Program9.

Seven companies have made their way to our accelerator. Here they will be accelerated on many different levels within the next 100 days. From now on they belong to a unique network of more than 70 companies, which have gone through the program before.

Startups of Program9 operate in verticals such as Events, Fashion, Food, Media and Travel. The fact that the business models are all somehow related to lifestyle is special about this Program. That is why there will be a lot of synergies developing between the companies.

In case you ask yourself whether we have pivoted and totally shifted our focus: No, we are not looking for the next big thing in boyband business! But taking a glimpse at the team photos below, it is obvious: We have an all-male class this time. However, they are all extremely promising entrepreneurs with great ideas. What all founder share is a vast experience in starting companies; founders of Program9 have started a total of 18 ventures before. From day one on there was a great spirit among the teams, which further built up at the onboarding get-together / party on Thursday.

Also we are very happy to welcome Simone Kessler as our new artist in residence at the accelerator. We are already curios what her project will be about.

Applications for Program10 are still open for another 8 weeks. If you have a great idea that you would like to get accelerated, apply here. Applications by female-founders are especially appreciated! :)


Aaron.ai automates voice-based customer interactions and learns continuously. The artificial intelligence detects user intents via intelligent dialogues in telephony, apps, websites or Alexa, and automatically triggers the required business process. This means 24/7 instant service for users - while saving costs for companies.

Founders: Tobias Wagenführer, Richard von Schaewen, Iwan Lappo-Danilewski


Travelling is the second most shared life-event on social media. Atameo’s technology allows travellers to capture their adventures in a simple and emotional way and turn it into extremely sharable content. We use travel stats to tap into curiosity, self-interest, and social competition — three of the brain’s chief dopamine drivers.

Founders: Henning Lueke, Christopher Speer


Foodguide allows users to discover new restaurants in a playful way and enable restaurants to easily reach new potential customers. By focusing on dishes we have build a visual appealing mobile app with social features at its heart – now anybody can become an influential Foodguide!

Founders: Malte Steiert, Nicolas Pliquett


LINEUPR makes mobile event marketing accessible to everybody. It is the fastest and simplest tool on the market for creating mobile event guides.

Founders: Dr. Philipp Katz, Norbert Sroke, Eric Mischke


Full experience marketplace. Manglory provides men with the ideal shopping experience by creating an all-in one platform that aggregates all male-oriented products and local services.

Founders:  Hugo Candeias, Cantek Çetin


MusicNow lets musicians broadcast live their concerts and fans to watch concerts they cannot attend. It is like Periscope, but for music only, with only musicians who stream. MusicNow provides better quality of sound, multi-camera streaming and revenue opportunities for musicians.

Founders:  Andrey Artemenko, Sergey Denisyuk


Tiresio’s algorithm can scan an image and identify the products in that image to display relevant and native product ads so that users can shop the looks they like.

Founders:  Vincent Houdebine, Arnaud Delaunay, Médéric Roger, Koss Chibi, Anoine de Maleprade

Artist in Residence - Simone Kessler

As an Artist, Simone offers a unique way of thinking, a creative way of approaching obstacles and an innovative way of finding solutions.

All Photos: Viviane Wild