Program12 is here. Lezgo!!!

Credit: Dominik Tryba

On Monday last week, the companies of Program12 moved into the accelerator. For the next 100 days, they will follow in the footsteps of more than 250 entrepreneurs who have participated in the program before. 100 long days and short nights. Days of testing and iterating, trial and error, failures and successes. The whole accelerator team will be there 24/7 for the founders to support them, give feedback, make introductions and provide shortcuts. In short, do everything possible to make each company a success and accelerate their growth. Naifei Wu will accompany the startups during the next 100 days as the Artist in Residence.

Without further ado, please meet Program12!

Book it Green

Bookitgreen embraces the trends of the sharing economy and the impact that the “green” lifestyle has on travel behaviour. They are connecting travellers who are interested in sustainability with hosts who provide sustainable accommodation (hotels, apartments, hostels, holiday homes, private rooms, etc.), by providing a state of the art booking-platform. 2017 being the UN year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, bookitgreen is in the right place at the right time. 

One gift in the name of many. Cadouu is a group gifting platform that allows family and friends from around the world to chip in any amount, in any currency to make one dream gift come true. They make the coordination of group gifts simple yet emotionally engaging, through combining aspects of crowdfunding technology, ecommerce and social networking in a novel way.

Compaio is a fully digital retail banking advisor, that connects the financial topics account, insurance, financing, investment and pension into one solution. Everywhere. Any time.

Echo Markets

Credit: Dominik Tryba

Echo Markets is a B2B market place for senior-secured real estate financing connecting property developers and lenders.

Lead Concierge

Credit: Dominik Tryba

Lead Concierge is the one-stop destination for conveniently ordering local services.

VIREED creates client requested VR learning experiences for specialist staff. Long-term we want to create additionally an open platform for B2C, where users and corporations can implement their own lectures and sell them throughout the platform.

Naifei Wu is the Artist in Residence of Program12. She is an emerging artist, working primarily in video, installation, performance and other post-studio practices. Centering around topics such as translation, mediation, empirical experiences and cognitive models, an inter-personal approach is often employed in her works in the form of playful and open-ended frameworks that invite participation from the public. 

During the stay at  Axel Springer Plug and Play, Naifei plans to work on participatory projects that explore the language use in our digital age, related interfaces and algorithms, as well as how technologies play a role in shaping our understanding of language and human.