Double Digits, Baby!

Monday marked the beginning of Program10, the tenth edition of our 100 day program.

 Copyright:  Viviane Wild

Copyright: Viviane Wild

For more than three years now we have accelerated startups in Berlin - and we are enjoying it more than ever. We have seen a lot over the course of the past 9 programs. Some companies failed, while others succeeded. Startups have pivoted and scaled, raised funding, and have become profitable.


Our team has also changed along the way. We have learned a great deal over time. About what makes a great founding team, about fads and how they fade, and how some trends slowly define the new status quo. A good example of this is the number of applications dealing with Bitcoin and how this number dropped after the first few programs in 2013 / 2014. Recently, we have received more applications from companies looking to make use of the underlying Blockchain and we are observing this trend very closely to understand its implications and opportunities.

Creativity & Focus

By having our corporate partners on board, we have learned about the drivers of transformation and, in this context, how corporate and startup cultures can empower each other. We also have learned how to create an environment in which creativity and focus can co-exist. For example, we have a resident artist that joins us with the startups for each program.  For Program10, we have the pleasure of welcoming Liat Segal to the accelerator.

 Copyright:  Dominik Tryba

Copyright: Dominik Tryba


While we aim to create a collaborative and creative environment, our main focus is to provide a space in which entrepreneurship prevails and opportunities are created on a daily basis. We aim to provide shortcuts to founders and accelerate startups sustainably. In order to provide the best possible experience for startups, we constantly have to challenge the status quo. We have to embrace change in order to maximize the value for our portfolio companies of being part of the ASPnP family.


Our latest example of this innovation is our investment in Wingly.  Part of Program10, they are a flight sharing platform that connects private pilots with passengers. Our investment in Wingly deviates from our standard 25,000 euros for 5% equity deal. They come to us having already raised a seed round and gained significant traction. While our program and the opportunities it creates will be of great value to Wingly, the standard deal would not have made sense for them. The desire to work with such a promising company led us to change our initial investment for the first time ever. We are excited about the future and continuing to evolve our program to be the best that it can be! 

With Program10 beginning today, we wanted to share some statistics with you about our progress:

  • A total of 89 startups, 3 of which are non-profits, have been part of ASPnP.
  • More than 50% of portfolio companies received follow-on funding from external investors after the program
  • More than 200 entrepreneurs from 32 countries participated in the program
  • More than 300 active mentors and experts support our startups
  • More than 100 pitch trainings were provided
  • The average age of our founders is 28

We are proud of our progress and confident the future is bright.

And now, without further ado, we would like to introduce the companies of Program10:

Daheim is a full-stack video telephony platform for online language practice connecting newcomers and native speakers in an uncomplicated and inclusive way with the purpose of fostering social and economic participation.


Madita Best, Sarah Schanz, Gergö Ertli, Kathinka Best, Tanja Denker, Daniel Terek, Fabian Raulf, Wanda Bleckmann



FinanzRitter is the first digital insurance broker, that actively embraces user privacy and artificial intelligence, to provide highly standardized and automated insurance management at your fingertip.


Sebastian Cordes, Till Sanders, Dominic Siedhoff, Florian Kümper


Pivii Technologies

Pivii offers a web based analytics tool for social media in a SaaS subscription model. Pivii's web tool makes sure you get the most out of your social media efforts by providing you with outstanding analytics and recommendations on how to act on them.


Vladislav Supalov, Sebastian Mühr, Felix Hildebrand

retime manages the mobile workforce and is a SaaS B2b application addressing human resources problems with mobile workers and employees.


Arno Senoner, Peter Koger, Timotej Kasa


SnapTrack is a Management Suite for Vertical Videos. We provide Snapchat Analytics for brands & publishers and give the ability to create stories with multiple Accounts. Snaptrack automatically detects and recognizes metrics of "Story Overview" screenshots in combination with a webapp, where users can find all relevant KPI's and graphs. 


Marvin Göldner, Alexander Braunreuther

TechSpaghetti provides an educational software focused on language apps for kids aged 4+.


Leah Hinton, Elliot Tabachnik

Trill is a location based language teaching application.  


Donatas Vainilaitis, Constantin Fechner, Mihriban Minaz

Artificial intelligence chatbot website builder on any device.


Jorma Jürisaar, Taavid Mikomägi, Juhan Kaarma

Wingly is a flight sharing platform, connecting private pilots with passengers.


Emeric de Waziers, Lars Klein, Bertrand Joab-Cornu

Liat Segal  The Artist

Liat Segal

A new media artist, fusing together art and technology, harnessing information, software, electronics and mechanics to build installations and machines that connect the physical world with virtual ones.