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Why startups love Berlin and why our accelerator is the city’s perfect starting point for digital entrepreneurs!

Credit: Dominik Tryba

The German capital offers entrepreneurs a well-established startup scene with an extensive talent pool while having a comparably low levels of living and business cost. For example, commercial real estate in Berlin is about a fifth of the cost of office space in London and apartment rents are about 60% lower. 

As the city is very international, founders from around the world find it easy to launch their companies here. About 40% of the founders who go through our accelerator program are international and 49% of all startup employees in Berlin are non-German.

Access to venture capital funding has grown in the Berlin ecosystem over the past years with more and more US investors opening local offices in the city. In Q1 2016, Berlin led other German cities with 47 venture deals, compared to 9 deals in Munich and 5 deals in Hamburg.

Credit: Dominik Tryba

Credit: Dominik Tryba

After 10 programs and more than 1,000 Days of accelerating startups, we have become one of the most active accelerators in Germany. 89 companies have gone through our program. Over the past 3 years our portfolio companies have raised large amounts of follow-on financing from top international VC’s such as Bessemer Venture Partners, Horizon Ventures, and Valar Ventures among others.

Ambitious digital entrepreneurs who seek to discover the wide range of opportunities that our accelerator provides can apply now for our next program starting on January 15th 2017. During the 100 days of the program, founders will gain access to our extended network of mentors, experts, alumni, corporate partners, and investors.

No matter whether you are just starting up or whether you are already up and running and want to gain access to the German and European market. We are able to connect you to the right people in corporate Germany and the right investors for the next financing round as well as open doors for you to a lot of valuable opportunities. Through workshops and mentoring sessions founders will gain important skills and learnings on key topics to ensure entrepreneurial success. In addition, every startup receives a pre seed investment of 25k EUR. To make you a long-term member of our family, we take an equity stake of 5%. This ensures our long-term commitment to support you with all we can even after the acceleration program has ended.

If you have any more questions, feel free to write us here. We are really looking forward to welcoming the next wave of top-tier entrepreneurs to Berlin and the ASPnP!

                               Click Here To Apply

                               Click Here To Apply


Application Deadline: November 20th Pitch Days Berlin: December 14th and 15th Start of Program11: January 16th 2017 Demoday of Program11: April 20th 2017