Running a Content Campaign as an Early-Stage Startup

Max und Julia 2
Max und Julia 2

With the help of a matching algorithm connects compatible people with each other eliminating the pain in finding the right roommates.

Hi Max! You guys just recently launched your first content campaign. What can we expect? We produced a web-based video campaign based on the fictional character Craig (the relation to Craigslist is totally… by chance). He moves into an existing household with 5 California stereotypes: an IT nerd, a young professional, a vegan hippie girl, a hipster and daddy’s princess. When Craig moves in he forces every current roommate to move out. Craig is actually a really nice guy. But not a guy you want to share an apartment with. At the end of each episode, one of the characters moves out and finds his / her perfect roommate situation with In the last episode, we even match Craig with his perfect roommates. But I won’t spoiler how this will end...

Why did you launch the campaign at this time of the year and which channels do you use? We uploaded the first episodes as a basis and tackle in the next few weeks groups etc with short virals. This is the perfect timing since school starts again and this is produced for the younger part of our target group. There will be bus ads with Craig in end of August.

For now you can check the latest episodes on!

Why did you choose this kind of marketing? Entering the American market, it needs more than just performance marketing & media - especially with a product like ours. Americans are used to get recommendations, brands and products from the start-up environment with a creative approach. The brand itself is way more important (even in the first month of company history) than in Germany. And Craigslist is the way to go when Americans are looking for roommates. The approach of the “Meet the Roommates”-Campaign is to increase brand awareness, go viral and make people recognize as a convenient, cool and better alternative then using Craigslist for finding new roommates.

We think your videos and characters are super funny and very entertaining. How do you manage to also inform about and generate conversion? The Campaign is in the centre of the entire marketing distribution chain. You will find entertaining videos as well as PR, performance driven video ads, social media ads, adwords campaigns and a really optimized product. We use the campaign material within the entire communication system around to ensure an integrated communication. That is our strategy to enter the market as a young and inspiring brand and increase our performance every single day.

Can you already tell us how the campaign is performing and what learnings you have made so far? The campaign helped to get a better understanding of our core target group and the performance of different marketing channels. For now, we’re setting the basis and develop our strategy further. We’re going to push short clips of each episode’s funniest situations to the social media world referring to the full episodes. We will find out the success rates in a few months.

In very general - the aim of our campaign is to get as much brand awareness as possible. As soon as someone looks for a room, he or she should be aware that exist and try it out.