Reads No.2 by our CEO Jörg Rheinboldt #joergreads

 Jörg Rheinboldt CEO of Axel Springer Plug and Play

Jörg Rheinboldt CEO of Axel Springer Plug and Play

Blockchain Applications

A revolutionary step within the internet has taken place. Blockchain technology enables authentication without a centralized data middlemen. A list of some non-BTC block-chain applications.

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Andreessen & Horowitz  Podcast "The Marketplace Rules"

Online marketplaces are growing much faster than e-commerce overall. Why is that? And what new kinds of marketplaces powered by the internet and mobile are we now seeing? a16z’s Jeff Jordan and Anu Hariharan share their observations here and also explain what makes marketplace powered by software and reputation work — as well as how to manage tensions, trust, and marketplace community reactions around change.

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Benedict Evans in search of objects we enjoy

Benedict Evans is a legend within the tech industry by now. He started his career as an analyst for an investment bank, shifted to mobile expertise, having worked for NBC and Orange and is now blogging, posting and talking for Andreessen Horowitz. His personal blog consists of very interesting articles such as "As Smartphones Eat Consumer Products, New Ones Will Tap Into the Desire for Objects We Enjoy"

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Sophisticated Finance

"The true enemy of growth for firms is stagnation, and the reality is that most small businesses are stagnant...." says Robert Hacker manager of GH Capital and strategy consultant for many Forbes 500 companies. He raised 1.2 $ bn as a financial consultant and wrote an entrepreneurial guide on how to build successful businesses. His blog Sophisticated Finance discusses many different topics. This time: Innovation.

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300+ awesome free things

The Next Web on 300+ awesome free things you can use for or see on the internet. Very recommendable for private publishing and marketing or companies who want to get organized for free.

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