#portfolioNEWS: Interview with InStaff Founder Pascal Klein

ASPNP: When we heard you worked with an erotic fare we thought it’s time for an update about your current clients? PK: (laughs) Actually, we still serve the same customer base: Businesses in need of event, promotion and exhibition staff in germany.

But as our marketplace is growing in terms of the number of employee profiles and in terms of online visibility, we reach more and more extravagant requests. This includes exhibition hostesses for erotic faires, event hosts who should dress up as Elvis, or catering staff which should be able to speak arabic fluently.

ASPNP: What was the fastest placement you handled so far?

PK: The fastest placements took us between 5 to 10 minutes. Just to give an overview over our staffing process:

  1. Business client enters a jobdescription including date, location, working hours and requirement (takes between 1 to 5 minutes)
  2. Our system routes this job via email to all appriopriate employee profiles in our database (takes a couple of seconds)
  3. As soon as at least 10 employee profiles responded, the business client receives the list of available profiles (takes between seconds and hours)
  4. Business client compares available employee profiles and books the right candidate (takes between seconds and days)
  5. Our system automatically creates a working contract and sends it to the employee (takes a couple of seconds)
  6. Employee signs the working contract online (takes between minutes and hours)

So the pace of our staffing process depends mostly on steps 3, 4 and 6, where the business clients or the employess have to interact. Our system itself pretty much works instantly, even our name InStaff stands for "Instant Staffing".

ASPNP: That’s fast! How did you managed your growth after participating within the accelerator program?

PK: We decided to bootstrap and grow organically. We are now cash-flow positive and we generating enough money to invest a 5-digit sum per month into google adwords.

We are currently growing at about 15 % per month, mostly via recurring customers and partly out of more SEO & SEM traffic.

In terms of our team we always had a pretty simple setup:

  • My co founder manages all customer enquiries
  • I do all the programming and online marketing
  • Our working student does all the user support

We are now looking for our first full time hire. If you are a great software developer and can see yourself as the CTO of an online marketplace, please talk to us.

ASPNP: #illegal #zeitarbeit #schwarzarbeit. Whats currently your biggest challenge?

PK: Even for short term jobs we are required by german law to create legally certain working contracts, do proper payroll accounting and pay social security. Anything else would be illegal employment, called "Schwarzarbeit" in Germany. So payroll accounting is still a big overhead for us. We are now working very hard on this topic and hope that by end of April this will be completely automized.

Apart from this, obviously marketing & sales is always a big challenge. We are always planning about 6 to 9 months ahead, to make sure that we keep growing 10 to 20 % per month. We will launch some great features around June / July, which makes our Marketplace even more attractive to Enterprise Customers ;)

ASPNP: Classic question from the traditional job market: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

PK: We will be worldwide and completely dominate the temporary employment market for all kinds of short term jobs within event, service, retail, logistics, healthcare & manufacturing.