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Mobile App Localisation for Startups Made Easy with Applanga Our portfolio company embraase invented a new tool that makes app localisations as easy as never before. It's called Applanga and it is a web-based tool that automates app translation and localisation to deliver your app to international mobile users so that they can understand and engage with it.

App localization can have a very high return-on-investment for startups and app developers looking to increase user downloads and facilitate higher engagement rates for their apps.  As smartphone usage continues to grow globally -especially in emerging markets- there is massive potential to reach new users and create a strong user community right from the beginning.

In fact, according to a recent report, the top languages for mobile app development after English are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and German. Is your app able to join in on that conversation?

App localization might seem like something out of reach for the typical startup.  Existing localizations processes take a lot of time and resources away from developers and product managers. Pulling out string files, manually translating the texts, checking they are correctly inserted, testing functionality, and re-submitting updates to app stores is a huge task for small companies.  Applanga automates these processes and doesn’t require an app store update for users to receive a translated version of your app in their own language.

As former app developers, the Applanga team wanted to make a platform that is accessible for everyone and automates the translation of mobile apps as much as possible.  This is why Applanga is completely free for apps with less than 1,000 monthly active users.  From startup to startup, they understand how limited resources can be and want to help startup companies be successful in growing their apps.

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Further information

Both Applanga and embraase are Berlin-based products of Mbaas Development GmbH, an Axel Springer Plug and Play portfolio company.  As a team of former app developers and programmers, they create tools that make app development and app marketing as painless as possible. To learn more about Applanga, send an email to info@applanga.com or tweet us @Applanga.