Mentors Monday #2 with Ivo Betke



My name:Ivo Betke

My current profession: CEO and Founder of

Important steps in my career: Starting my freelance business on my 18th birthday and from there following the path of entrepreneurship.

My expertise: Software Architecture, IT Recruiting & Talent Management, Developer Relations, Business Development as well as Financials & Legal

Why I love being a mentor: Every PnP mentoring session I participated in was always huge fun to me. I love getting into the details of other peoples ideas and challenge their assumptions and plans and to think out of the box when it comes to developing a business idea into a real company.

What I am really proud of: Having built a successful and profitable service business but also keeping my personal live in balance and making sure there is still time for my friends & family.

My greatest  failure so far: I started to many side projects and took money out of the company too early to do it, because I was thinking I can handle it. You can't "build" a company- its like raising a child it takes a lot of time and energy!

What advice I would give to my early days entrepreneurial self: Trust your gut feeling, believe in people and talk about your ideas and thoughts to get feedback. Last but not least: never walk alone!