Mentors Monday #1 with Dagmar Bottenbruch



My name: Dagmar BottenbruchMy current profession: Angel Investor with 9 participations, Consultant and Board Member in several companies

Important steps in my career: Wall Street Analyst for the European Automotive Industry (First Boston/CSFB), Corporate Finance Investment Banker (CSFB/Credit Suisse), start-up with Self Trade, Head of Germany of Rabobank

Who I mentor: Most of my start-up companies and some prospects.  Several ASPnP graduates - with great pleasure

My expertise: Finance, Networking, Coaching, Strategy

Why I love being a mentor: When I find a business model I love and a great team and I am convinced that they can execute on their plan, I am so happy to help them in any possible way - introductions, help in T&C negotiations, reflection, planning - whatever.

What I am really proud of: I don't like the word "proud" I am happy about: a quite decent "old economy" career, a successful transition into the start-up world and three awesome kids who totally "approve" of what I am doing.  One of them is a start-up entrepreneur....

My greatest  failure so far: A difficult question...  I have blown a few investments, but this is part of the game - and I learned.  My greatest failures were personal.  Nothing truly dramatic, but I will not go into detail ;)

What advice I would give to my early days entrepreneurial self: Just do it and don't make too many assumptions.