Interview with Robin Haak #portfolioNEWS

ASPNP: What is currently the biggest challenge for Jobspotting?

RH: Like many founders, I could complain about raising money or hiring talent but really I am thinking about the opportunity costs of lost chances I could have better spent my time on. To be honest though, I like this job and I love talking to people anyway. I want to hire the best, most talented and coolest people and I want to get an amazing investor.

But to answer the question: It’s a tech team, with a tech product. The toughest challenge is and will always be to make the product even better; to give the jobseeker more accurate jobs; and to build amazing stuff with all the data we have.

ASPNP: You have the overview! What specialist does the job market require at the moment?

I think everybody probably knows that developers are always needed. Java and Ruby but also Python etc are on the rise. As some old-economy companies now understand, there is a push for content marketing and they've hired all these people to produce content who were let go by publishers that were still struggling to survive. But to find a high quality editor, as we have, is hard to do. Personally, I think that a good product manager is highly needed and will become more and more in demand in the future. But again, IT and Online Marketing followed by Construction and Sales are searched for the most.


ASPNP: What will happen to the “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” question?

RH: These days, that’s already hard to predict. Years ago, if you were over 35 years old, you should have worked in a company for at least 5 years before you changed your job. Today, most people change job every 2-3 years and even inside company structures there is this job rotation. It basically means for me that everyone can work in different areas and unleash their potential. People are no longer so scared of not having a "perfect cv" so they will change more often – it’s part of our new culture. No one will ask "where do you see in yourself in 2 years?" but the answer already has become more visionary. So it won’t be the usual standard of "I want to become better within this product stream, or achieve a new status, or do x and y to become finally z”. It will be like: “I hope to be a little more grown up, hopefully to have developed skills in areas I really like, and I want to become influential or do something positive for society”.

ASPNP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

RH: Drinking umbrella cocktails out of a coconut, having a moustache and wearing yellow aviators? Hopefully not ... even if I like shuffleboard. Jobspotting is probably the biggest institution through which to look for a job. As every jobseeker is an opportunist they will use other sites as well, (e.g. Linkedin to stalk niche portals for their skills, employer branding sites for behind-the-scenes info) but nowhere else will have as much information about the market, the industry, your own skills and potential jobs as you can on Jobspotting. Hopefully, as I really like my team and we want to stay with this culture, I will be still there growing in more and more markets and creating more and more products around it. I really want to make people happy. Hopefully in 5 years I will read a letter from a jobseeker writing to Jobspotting to say "thank you” because twice he found his perfect job through us. I hope we've helped to make millions of people happier in their life with a fulfilling job. I would love to be part something big.

ASPNP: How far would you move for your current job?

RH: Probably everywhere. I like Europe, I love southern Spanish and Central American culture. I would also be interested in New Zealand and Australia, so yeah there are a lot of places. I actually always wanted to become a young father. But that needs two people so until then, without having responsibility for a child I would love to live in different places. Today you can work from everywhere, so why not working from Easter Island for 2 weeks? You know what I mean? Why not being in San Fran today and visit my family tomorrow in Berlin and make a pit stop in London? I would move to many places for my job unless it would hurt someone’s feelings or I needed to compromise with someone I loved, which is totally fine.

Thanks for the interview.

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