We Are Going East!



This upcoming weekend our Managing Director Jörg Rheinboldt and Program Manager Daniel Dierkes are going to pack their bags.

What lies ahead of them is an intense road trip through Poland and a deep dive into our neighbouring country’s startup ecosystem.

They will be representing Axel Springer Plug & Play on various startup events, talking to Polish entrepreneurs and soaking in this exciting country’s funding culture.

What they will bring back from their journey, whom they will meet and what exactly will happen nobody can tell.

However, the schedule of places where you can meet Jörg and Daniel on their trip is certain and as follows:

September 13th: Sopot

KickAss vol. 3 “How to build a start-up with balls”

September 14th: Warszawa

September 15th: Warszawa / Kraków

September 16th: Gdańsk

September 17th: Gdańsk

Poland Finals of the Central European Startup Awards

September 18th: Poznań


You can follow Jörg & Daniel on Periscope where they will be streaming live as @as_pnp.

Also they will keep us updated on our YouTube daily.

Now let us all wish them the best and szczęśliwej podróży!