From India to Germany

3 steps from India to Berlin

So here ist what you have to do to get started in Germany.

1. Get an appointment at the VFS (German Visa Application Center), the German embassy, or consulate.

2. Apply for a Business Visa of 90 days for the Schengen-Raum.

  • Have a good reason why you want to travel to the EU, e.g. participate at Axel Springer Plug and Play.
  • Proof financial backup for your journey, our initial founding of € 25.000 will be mentioned in the invitation letter.
  • Cover your trip with a travel-health insurance from one of those companies.
  • Check the checklist for Schengen Visa and make sure you get all the other annoying requirements done.

3. Add a letter of invitation by Axel Springer Plug and Play

APPLY NOW and start our 100-day-program in August

We are open for applications until May 3rd. In case we select your startup we'll write you a letter of invitation, which will officially confirm the reason of the stay. Please note that this process sometimes takes weeks being patient and plan well in advance are essential. Additionally we have strong partners based in Berlin, that will help you with the visa application process. We are supported by the Chamber of Industry & Commerce, as well as Berlin Partners for Business and Technology. We can connect you with them, because that's what we are really good at and love to do.

Furthermore Jigyasa offered us her help in case you have questions about the whole process and program from a insider. Feel free do add her on LinkedIn or approach us. Pitches can be done via Skype in the first step.