Why e-health start-ups should apply for BATCH VII

The next batch will start in August 2015, we are open for applications until May 3rd. Together with ERGO we are able to offer a very special network access to the insurance and health industry, particularly for e-health start-ups that participate within our 100-day-program. Boil it down to the core advantages... ERGO can connect you with more than 30 international markets through local industry leaders and decision makers.

ERGO consults you in critical questions regarding your business model drawing from more than 43.000 experts in the health segment and beyond.

ERGO helps selected start-ups with their financing needs in different stages of their development.

More than that our shareholder Axel Springer SE offers a broad variety of public placements for B-2-C products and great advantages in the classifieds industry. In case you want to learn more about us, the program or our portfolio you can find further information here:

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