Clemens from truffls runs a campaign! #portfolioNEWS

What are the 5 milestones since then? Late 2013: We understood how to transform job ads into data and recommendations. Early 2014: We launched a web prototype of truffls. Mid 2014: We took part at Axel Springer Plug and Play program. Late 2014: We worked like crazy and launched our iOS and Android app. Early 2015: We redesigned our app and start to really understand growth.

You are advertising offline now. What do you expect from outdoor advertising for an app? Maybe you know the book “traction – a startup guide to getting customers” by Weinberg and Mares. In the beginning it’s all about finding the right channel to get the first customers. We’ve had the chance to advertise offline, tried it and are happy to see our campaign all over Berlin ☺.

Can you already share some results? We started our campaign last Friday and saw an enormous traffic increase. The final results will be measured at the end of the campaign, but I am already happy to say we received valuable insights to understand the market.

Financing, redesign, new markets! Whats next for truffls? We redesigned truffls from scratch with two native apps. In the next couple of months we’re releasing various new features to improve the user experience constantly. Plus, we’re already working on an English version of truffls. Stay tuned!

Thank you Clemens for the interview. We are happy to see your in the streets of Berlin and wish you the very best for further roll outs. App can be downloaded here:

Download iOS or Android version and good luck with your next job.