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Our portfolio company


has launched the first Social Hub for the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. We are very proud about the new cooperation with Berlinale and we'll follow all the social media posts though the hub.

Moments.berlinale.de is the one and only destination online where you can get the full Berlinale experience combining fan reactions, movie insights and celebrity gloss collected from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Vine and Vimeo.

Don't miss a single social media post with Socius.

In addition to being a part of the website, the hub shall be displayed in and around key festival locations with the Socius Live Wall to increase visibility and engagement. It will be curating until February 15 and shall remain as an archive until next year’s festival preserving the moments and valuable social signals.

 socius axelspringer pnp

socius axelspringer pnp

About Socius

With Socius brands can create authentic stories. Using the webapp CMS collect, curate and display the best brand related content spread across social media into branded Social Hubs. These can be integrated seamlessly at every user touch point to keep the brand tuned in and current with their customers.

Operating from Berlin and NYC since January 2014 they’ve attracted style conscious lifestyle brands including Becks, Bridgestone, Triumph and Condé Nast. Socius’ culture is driven by Scandinavian design principles: simple, beautiful, functional.