Demo Day Batch VII

Another 100 days of startup acceleration have passed and last Tuesday it was time for the Demo Day of Batch VII. For the first time Demo Day took place not at our accelerator but on the 19th floor of the Axel Springer main building. This meant arriving guests had an amazing view over the rooftops of Berlin. The setting sun bathed the city in a golden light.

At 4.30 pm MC Ole Tillmann opened the stage for Frauke Mispagel, Jörg Rheinboldt and Robin Ardeshir. They welcomed the guests and gave short updates on the accelerator programs in Berlin and Sunnyvale.

First up were the two siblings and founders of Careship Antonia and Nikolaus Albert. Careship is an online platform where senior care takers can find the best care givers.

Holger Grüneberg, CEO of Nesthub, was up next. Nesthub is an online real estate agent that, with the help of a dating algorithm, matches landlords with their perfect tenants.

Dr. Dorian Freudenreich and Dr. Daniel Welberts presented their company Apparently Different, which stood out of the other startups because it is the only product that is not fully online-related. Apparently Different offers an automated storage element and a multichannel shopping solution to brick and mortar fashion stores.

German-Colombian founders duo Charlotte Specht and Mario Rueda pitched their startup Book A Street Artist. Book A Street Artist is an online platform for undiscovered artists who can offer their skills on a personal profile page. Companies as well as private individuals can book artists for their event through the platform.

Thanks to Book A Street Artist this Demoday had a rather unconventional break. The singer and songwriter Will Henderson from Australia took the stage and amazed the audience with his live performance.

After this energizing act Lydia Dietsch and Marco Woldt were next to present their company. Gallereplay is a marketplace for stock cinemagraphs, an image format in which one or a few elements are moving.

 CEO Michael Hirn presented his startup Autumn. Michael and his co-founder Maximilian Goisser have build an algorithm that utilizes machine learning in order to improve the decision making process of businesses. While testing their product the algorithm was able to improve the profit of online resellers by more than 74% on average.

Avishay Ben Zaken, CEO of Rentse, was next to pitch his company. Rentse is an online booking platform that matches business travelers with exciting temporary workspaces.

The final Batch VII startup PeerAce was presented to the investors by Daniel Dreier. The mobile marketplace allows its users to find, book and pay local sports trainers with a single click, while enabling trainers to create a mobile-based reputation within their neighborhood.

All eight companies of Batch VII had pitched. But that wasn't all this Demoday had to offer. Four Axel Springer Plug and Play portfolio companies took the opportunity to give an update.

Johannes Stoffel, CEO of Karosso, was the first one to give the audience an update on how his company has developed since they left the accelerator program. Karosso is a two-sided marketplace for used premium cars and has been in Batch VI of the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator program.

Next to pitch was another graduate of Batch VI. Massagio, presented by its CEO Alexander Freitag, is an on demand mobile service for massages. Alexander informed the audience about the impressive traction his startup has generated so far having launched their service in seven German cities.

CEO Pascal Klein presented the recent successes of his startup Instaff, a platform for short-term jobs. After graduating from the Plug and Play Accelerator program in June 2014, Instaff grew their monthly revenue from 10,000 EUR to 150,000 EUR.

The last two founders to pitch on the demo day stage were Anna Banicevic and Sinan Masovic from Zizoo Boats. Zizoo is a boat rental marketplace and was in Batch IV of the Axel Springe Plug and Play Accelerator program.

The last words on stage were given to Daniel Rode who had been the Artist in Residence of Batch VII. Daniel was a constant companion of the startups on their 100-day entrepreneurial journey through the accelerator program. He processed being in the accelerator in his art project “ The Word of the Week” where he took conversational snippets out of the context and printed them on flags as well as showed them on the big LED screen on the Springer main building.


After Daniel Rode’s contribution on stage and a great applause for the entrepreneurs and their startups, it was time for a group photo with all the founders of Batch VII and the Axel Springer Plug and Play team.

By now it was 7.00 pm and therefore the time for dinner, drinks and networking had come.

The doors of the exclusive Axel Springer Journalists Club with its original London Times wood panelling opened and gave room for good conversations and the exchange of ideas.

Photo Credits: Dominik Tryba