Who are you?

We are Bernhard and David from and our aim is to create a tool that helps people to discuss online as well as give and get feedback more easily, especially for online content creators like bloggers.

Explain your idea a little more detailed.

We are achieving this “smarter discussion” by providing a simple yet powerful PRO and CON list on the top level. On the second level, people can add their opinion either positively or negatively related to a topic. These opinions are ranked by importance and give a short overview about the most relevant points.Furthermore, users can reply to these opinions on the third level. We call this an “upside-down tree structure”.

Our main target group at the moment is online content creators like bloggers, who want to engage their users on-site by providing this advanced feedback form. This means it’s getting much easier for them to get feedback from their readers and engage them on their website. But we are planning to expand our target group once we get traction and validation.

The market for our project is already big, as it aims for content creators – e.g. blogs, photo communities, video sites, news channels etc. – who want to replace their comment section, if there is any, with a more sophisticated plugin that gives their users the ability to give real feedback rather than just comments. Furthermore, we want to add analytics and semantic analysis to give bloggers event better data on how to write ideal content.

Tell us a little about your team, please!

We met each other through a common friend and quickly came to talk about the web, startups and a project Bernhard was already working on for a couple of weeks:

David joined the team pretty soon and from that moment on, we were working together on this project in our free time.

When did you start working on the project?

Autumn 2012, in our free time.

Tell us the funniest moment that your funding team shares?

Everyday has it’s challenges and funny moments. But spontaneously creating joke websites and web services as a challenge is always fun, especially when it’s a bet!

Why are you better than your competitors?

We are not really having a direct competitor in terms of giving content creators the chance for real user feedback and easy-to-understand analytics. But we are aiming for the bigger picture: Providing an external widget enables us to create the foundation for a network providing high-quality content, rated by users.

Who is your role model and why?

Elon Musk. He is a true engineer and visionary solving problems.

What’s your favorite Startup?


Why did you choose the program?

The connection to Axel Springer is important for us, especially in terms of online journalism and dynamic online content. We profit from the possibility of getting hands-on experience in this field!

How do you like it?

It’s awesome! Incomparable with all what we have experienced so far back home in terms of chances and possibilities to create a successful startup.

Name 3 words that display your expectations towards the program.

1st product – traction – growth.

Where do you see yourself in three month? And in a year?

We want to see our product being used as well as people really liking it by realizing how much it can help in getting other peoples’ opinions related to a topic. This can happen in three months, or four, or six. But it definitely will happen – that’s our mission.