Goodbye Luise!

The second person I ever met at Axel Springer Plug and Play was Luise. Together with Robin she built up Axel Springer Plug and Play from scratch, starting in early 2013. A lot of her thinking, concepts, and plans are ingrained in our DNA. She has a really great way of doing things; and the best is that she is a "Netto-Energielieferant". Luise developed the initial business model of Axel Springer Plug and Play. Without her this would definitely be a different organization. She worked a lot with the startups and closed most deals of the first four cycles. She impersonates our idea of building bridges for our startups into our network. The same counts for our shareholders, Axel Springer and Plug and Pay Techcenter.

Luise is a “Netto-Energielieferant” with great ideas

When Luise told me that she was seriously considering a new offer to take the next step in her career I was torn. On the one hand I think that she has a great opportunity ahead of her, but on the other I would have liked to continue working with her on the accelerator. Luise did what she always does; she made a decision. Now she has moved on to b-to-v and became Managing Director of ManageYourDeal. We all wish her the best of luck and are looking forward to working with her. As a partner in her new role and as mentor for our start-ups she will always find our doors open.

Sustainable dynamic or how we move on?

Building a sustainable organization at Axel Springer Plug and Play is a special undertaking. Running 3 Cycles a year and accelerating 8-12 companies each cycle challenges us on different levels. In our daily business we switch task and responsibilities frequently. We have supported almost 50 companies, we found ways to make people from over 17 countries work in Germany, and we congratulated over half of our portfolio companies on follow up investments. In the big picture, we’re looking back 1.5 years and we see a dynamic and constantly learning company. We have a great team and with Frauke and Bettine we found fantastic new members.

We can’t wait to prove once again that change is part of our DNA and we are sure that we’ll always think back to you, dear Luise, with a big smile on our face.

In case you also want to stay in contact with Luise you can find her on LinkeIn.